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Will my username and password be the same? 

No.  You will receive 2 separate emails for your initial login.  One will contain a username and the other will contain a temporary password.  You will be prompted to change both your username and password the first time you log in.

How will I access my account?

You will access your Business Banking profile by clicking the Enroll or Log In button and then enter your username and password under Online Banking.  You will no longer use the Business Online Banking Log In button.

Can I copy and paste my temporary username and password?

You may copy and paste the temporary username and password from the emails into the login screen.  Please do not include any additional spaces before or after the value when copying, as that will prevent users from successfully logging in.

Which internet browsers are compatible with Business Online Banking?

For the best user experience, please access Business Online Banking using the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

How will I know if an email is really from Clinton Savings Bank?

Email alerts related to user settings will be sent from [email protected] – this includes changes related to username, password, phone numbers enrolled or enabled for text, etc.

All other email alerts will be sent from [email protected] – this includes initial temporary login credentials for new users, changes related to sub users added or changed, transfers, ACH or Wire templates or payment, requests for approvals, activity or balance alerts, etc.

How will I know if the verification phone call I am receiving is from Clinton Savings Bank?

When receiving call with the verification code to login, the phone number will be 888-744-4272. You will be prompted to press # to receive a 6-digit access code. To repeat the code, press #.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

You may use the Forgot Password feature to receive a phone call or text with a temporary password.  If you use the Forgot password feature you must enter a phone number that is already on file (in My Settings), the phone number calling is 888-744-4272 – press 1 to receive password. Temporary passwords are 10 alpha numeric characters in length – press # to repeat. Enter alpha characters as lower case. Write this temporary password down – you will need it on another screen to select a new password.

Company Admin users may also reset passwords for Business users (sub users) as needed. From the Additional Services menu, select Manage Users, then click on the Options drop down menu for the appropriate user and select Reset Password.  Admin users may also select Generate Code for a Business user from this same menu if needed.

How do I add or remove a phone number to receive verification codes or enable texts for a mobile device?

You will add or remove a phone number in My Settings.  Once you have added a mobile phone number, you will see the option to enable texts.  Follow the prompts to receive and enter a verification code for this number to complete the process. Two phone numbers may be stored to receive verification codes or temporary passwords.

Will my accounts and account nicknames remain the same?

All previously enrolled account numbers will automatically convert to the new Business Online Banking.  You will need to add your nicknames to the accounts if desired. This option is listed under My Settings.

What happens to the sub users who access my business accounts online?

If you are the Company Administrator, you will need to add your sub users (also known as Business users) and assign their online permissions. This is not applicable if you are the only user accessing your online business accounts.

What about account alerts?

Account alerts will not automatically convert, so these will need to be re-established after completing the first-time login process. This option is located in the Additional Services menu.

What about previously scheduled or reoccurring transfers?

Reoccurring and scheduled transfers with an effective date after 5/25/21 will not be converted. You will need to create these after completing the first-time login process.  A helpful hint: Prior to the conversion date, go to your Online Banking Transfer screen and view pending transfers.  If you have any scheduled transfers, they will be displayed here.  You may print this screen as a reference to create your reoccurring or scheduled transfers after the upgrade.

Will my Bill Pay payee list automatically convert to the new system?

Yes, the Bill Pay payees you previously established will automatically convert to the new system.

Will my previously scheduled payments set up on my Online Bill Pay convert to the new system?

Yes. Your scheduled online bill payments will convert automatically and will pay as planned. 

 Will there be any changes to my eStatements?

Yes, if you are currently enrolled in eStatements, you will need to re-enroll in eStatements after completing the first-time login process.

How do I enroll in eStatements?

Once logged into Business Online Banking, simply click Additional Services -> Online Statements and follow the easy enrollment instructions.

Will previously established ACH or wire templates transfer to the new system?

You will need to create new ACH and wire templates.  Our online banking team will be calling impacted clients individually to assist with the conversion process.

When I look at My Settings I see a Business ID number.  Do I need to know this number?

No.  This is a unique number to identify you internally through the new platform.


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