• Fast, free, and easy to use
  • Have anytime access to your money
  • Make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • More convenient than checks
  • Eliminate cost of purchasing checks
  • Surcharge-free access to nationwide ATMs via the Allpoint® ATM Network*
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen

Just4Me Card Personalization**

Personalize your debit card with your favorite photo! Visit the design center to get started or view the Just4Me tab below for more information.

*Look for the Allpoint logo to ensure your transaction will be surcharge-free.

**$10 fee applies per card.

Just4Me Personalized Card
  • Carry your favorite photo on you at all times — in fact, make it your debit card!
  • Select, upload, and crop your favorite picture for the face of your debt card
  • Email is sent within 2 to 3 days of photo submission to confirm acceptance or rejection (See image guidelines to assess if your image meets compliance standards)
  • $10 fee for the Just4Me service
  • If lost or stolen, a replacement card is $10
  • To change the photo, a $10 processing fee will apply (call 888-744-4272)
  • Once your new Just4Me card is activated, the existing one will be canceled
  • Upon expiration, a new card will be sent with the same image and number
  • Cards are typically received within 7-10 days business days after approval
  • To report a lost or stolen debit card:
  • Call 888-744-4272(4CSB) during normal business hours
  • Call 800-472-3272 during non-business hours

How It Works

Card customization is easy; there are four simple instructions to follow:

1. Click on the design center link.

2. Upload the photo you would like on your card.

3. Customize the look of your card by enlarging, cropping or rotating.

4. Once you are satisfied with the look of your card, hit the submit button.

Photo Specifications

The image can be in either .JPEG, or .BMP format. It needs to be at least 840x840 pixels and at least 50KB (kilobytes) in size, not to exceed 10MB (megabytes). If you are uncertain of the image specifications, right click the image and select properties. Our Just4Medesign center provides a tool to re-size your picture to look the way you want it to.

Contact Information

If you have any additional questions, please call 888-744-4272(4CSB) during normal business hours. Please do not include any account numbers or confidential information.

Terms & Conditions

A CLINTON SAVINGS BANK Just4Me Debit Card is subject to the following terms and conditions:

These terms and condition are in addition to those found in the CLINTON SAVINGS BANK Cardholder Agreement. Customized cards are available to personal checking account customers. A customized card works like a regular debit card and is accepted wherever you see the MasterCard® logo. CLINTON SAVINGS BANK reserves the right to reject any submitted picture. Further, if images are deemed unacceptable by CLINTON SAVINGS BANK and are repeatedly submitted, CLINTON SAVINGS BANK reserves the right to prohibit future use of this service. Examples of prohibited images include, but are not limited to:

  • Celebrities/Athletes /Musicians/Public Figures
  • Provocative, offensive, racial, political, violent or prejudicial material of any nature
  • Trademarked material, advertising, promotional materials, website addresses
  • Competitive marking will not be accepted, unless trademark is owned by card owner
  • Names, descriptions or images of controlled substances will not be accepted
  • Sexual or political subject matter of any nature
  • Advertising of any nature
  • Images intended for identification purposes
  • Self-promotion of any nature (e.g., personal business card)
  • Copyrighted material of any nature
  • Solicitations, including telephone numbers or services of any nature (e.g., 900 or 800 numbers)
  • Subject matter of any nature that might result in card acceptance confusion by merchants
  • Derision of the MasterCard® brand

By creating a customized card, you give CLINTON SAVINGS BANK permission to use the photograph on the card. You also assure that CLINTON SAVINGS BANK is risk-free of any loss, damages, liability, or costs should any be incurred directly or indirectly by the use of the photograph.

Each Just4Me Debit Card has a processing fee of $10. The fee will be deducted from the primary checking account linked to your debit card.

By ordering a Clinton Savings Bank Just4Me™ Debit Card you are agreeing to all the above terms and conditions. PLEASE KEEP A COPY OF THIS AGREEMENT FOR YOUR RECORDS.