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Whether you're looking for a savings account for your little one(s) or teenager(s), Clinton Savings Bank has savings account options for all your children.

CSB is also a proud advocate of financial literacy in our schools.  In addition to our Nashoba Regional and Tahanto Regional High School full-service branches that host student banking program electives, we also sponsor Banzai classroom curriculum for teachers in Clinton Middle School, Tahanto Jr./Sr. High School, Oak Middle School in Shrewsbury, West Boylston Jr./Sr. High School and Nashoba Regional High School. For more information or to see if there are sponsorships available for your school, visit Banzai

"Thank you Clinton Saving Bank for providing the opportunity for students to learn and fine-tune financial literacy skills. This semester's students have begun their work with Banzai and I'm excited to use the greatly improved student workbooks." - Warm regards, Ms. Debora Goodwill 

One of the many important lessons you'll teach your child throughout their life is the importance of financial literacy. When you open a youth savings account at one of our Massachusetts locations, you're helping your child begin their financial journey the right way.

Helping your child start a healthy financial habit early on will positively impact how they deal with and think about money as they age into financially literate adults. Clinton Savings Bank offers account options for children and teens to help them begin or continue their financial journeys.

Key Features

  • Competitive Interest
  • Teaches the Value of Saving

Opening a Kids Club savings account for your child at one of our Massachusetts locations allows your child to receive a hands-on education about how banks work. Our Kids Club Savings accounts are perfect for small deposits such as birthday money or allowances. If your child has money saved at home already, placing their savings in one of our accounts will allow them to learn how interest works to grow their funds.

In addition to teaching the importance of saving over spending, other benefits of opening a child savings account at CSB include:

  • Scratch Kids Club Savings Account is perfect for elementary school aged young savers1
  • Competitive interest on balances of $5 or more maintained in the account each day
  • Engaging way to learn math and value of money early on
  • No monthly maintenance service fee
  • Monthly deposit required to maintain account2
  • No minimum deposit to open

Teach Kids the Value of Saving

Ask your area school system (Berlin, Bolton, Boylston, Clinton, Sterling and West Boylston) if they offer an in-school CSB Scratch Kids Club Savings Program!

Click here for a Scratch the Savings Cat coloring page!

1Anyone under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian jointly on the account. The account is opened in the child's name, as well as the parent/guardian's name and both signatures are required to complete a withdrawal. In the month the student turns 19, the account will automatically convert to a Get Real Statement Savings Account. This will be a joint account requiring one (1) signature for withdrawals and will be subject to the fees and requirements applicable to the Get Real Statement Savings Account. If you'd like your school to participate, please call Marketing at 888-744-4272.

2If this condition is not met, the bank reserves the right to convert this account to Statement Savings.

Teaching your teen about the importance of personal finances and how to manage their finances is a vital aspect of improving their financial literacy. If your teen recently started their first job, now is the perfect time to visit Clinton Savings Bank to open a teen savings account at one of our Massachusetts locations. Opening a savings account will help your child gain important skills, such as independence and budgeting.

In addition to helping your teens learn the importance of making good financial choices, opening a savings account will help your kids establish a relationship with financial professionals. As your children grow, they may utilize their bank for other services such as auto or home loans. Establishing a healthy relationship with our banking specialists at Clinton Savings Bank today will give your child the resources they need to continue making significant financial decisions throughout their life.

Additional benefits of our Get Real Savings Accounts include:

  • Available to ages 14 to 25 (joint ownership required)1
  • Competitive interest on balances of $10 or more maintained in the account each day
    • Interest compounded daily, paid monthly
  • Avoid the $3 monthly maintenance service charge by receiving eStatements
  • Free Online & Mobile Banking2
  • $10 minimum deposit to open

1Must be at least 14 years old to open a Get Real Statement Savings Account; anyone under 18  will need a signature of a parent or legal guardian as a joint owner. Upon the tax owner turning 25 years of age, the account will convert to a Statement Savings Account and be subject to fees and requirements applicable to the Statement Savings Account.

2Clinton Savings Bank does not charge a fee; however, standard data rates may apply from wireless provider.