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Clinton Savings Bank offers accessible home equity loans for college expenses, home repairs, auto repairs and even a wedding in Massachusetts. With these options, you can turn your home's value into resources for the things you need now.


Applying is easy online for a home equity and you'll get a quick response!

Note: If you have a credit freeze please contact the credit bureau prior to applying for a loan in order to temporarily remove the hold so that your credit may be pulled. 

Home Equity Line of Credit

1.99% APR1     4.00% APR1

for the first 12 months                then converts to   

Key Features

  • Competitive Rates
  • Quick Decisions
  • Local Processing

A HELOC works like a credit card in that you can access a revolving line of credit. Borrowers can access this line of credit simply by writing a check. Like any line of credit, you cannot exceed your credit limit, but you only need to make payments on the amount you actually borrow from the line of credit. Some people with a home equity line of credit in Massachusetts may also qualify for special tax advantages2.

If you decide to sell your home, you can pay off your credit line at that time. While your line of credit is open, we may require that you have certain insurance plans to protect your collateral.

2Consult a tax advisor


  • Competitive rates for a wide range of needs:
    • Major home improvements
    • Medical expenses
    • Education expenses
    • Weddings and other big life events
    • Debt consolidation
    • Cash cushion
  • The equity in your home is used as collateral to secure the loan
  • Reuse as needed without reapplying for separate installments
    • Funds conveniently available 24/7 via direct check writing
    • Up to 10 years to access your funds
  • No line balance requirements
  • Lines start at $10,000
  • The interest paid may be tax deductible2                                                                          
  • Quick, local decision-making and processing
  • Hands-on, customized service through the entire process


  • You may elect to convert an outstanding balance at any time during the draw period1
  • Up to 3 fixed rate conversions at any time during the draw period1



1Home Equity Line of Credit Introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 1.99% good for first twelve (12) months upon opening. Thereafter, the rate, including the rate on any existing account balance will convert to the applicable variable rate. Equity Lines of Credit are variable rates subject to increase after consummation, adjusting monthly to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Prime Rate minus .25% with a maximum APR rate of 18.00% with a floor of 4.00%. WSJ Prime Rate currently 3.25% as of 1/1/2021. An early termination fee applies for equity lines of credit closed within 24 months of opening the line of credit. Maximum Loan to Value 80%. Appraisal may be required at applicants' expense. Offer applies to 1-4 family, owner-occupied primary residences only. Condominiums must be Fannie Mae approved. Not available for homes currently for sale or intended to be sold within 6 months of closing. Property homeowner's insurance is required. Fees for opening the account range from $0 to $941. A fixed rate conversion option is available. Borrowers may elect to convert an outstanding balance to a fixed rate at any time during the draw period (first 10 years of the term). There is a $50 fee for every conversion. Other restrictions may apply. All loans are subject to credit approval.



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A home equity loan gives you access to your home's value. You can use those funds for home repairs or take care of other expenses. Many people who apply for home equity loans in Massachusetts are eligible to borrow 80% of the difference between their home's appraised value and the amount they still owe on their mortgage. The amount you may receive depends on other factors, too. Those considerations include your income and credit history. With a home equity loan, you'll receive the full amount of your loan in one sum and repay your loan with monthly payments that remain equal over a fixed term. Since your home acts as collateral, certain insurance policies may be compulsory to protect your property.

  • Competitive rates for a wide range of needs:
    • Home or auto repairs/remodel
    • Education expenses
    • Special projects
    • Family vacation
    • Debt consolidation
    • Cash cushion
  • The equity in your home is used as collateral to secure the loan
  • Loan amounts starting at $10,000
  • The interest paid may be tax deductible*
  • Quick, local decision-making and processing
  • Hands-on, customized service throughout the entire process

* Consult a tax advisor.